An office is one such place which must maintain the dignity and the class of the organisation. One needs to present a sophisticated and classy environment such that the reputation of the place is maintained. Not just this, while setting up any office, one must keep in mind the quality and type of furniture used. One must buy such kind of office furniture that it meets the needs of the customers and is well within their budget. It is necessary to keep the design of the furniture simple and should be of multiple uses.

Office furniture must maintain the simplicity and soberness and must be of multiple uses, for example, a multipurpose desk or cabinet etc. Design for all is one such company which provides one with classy and sophisticated office furniture which is well within their price range and can be used for various purposes. We provide our services in the Melbourne region in Australia. We provide with custom made office furniture. One can design the furniture according to their needs and purpose. Since, the designing can be done by the customer itself, one can make it in a way that it serves multiple purposes. There are many designs from which one can choose and add any other addition features to it and make it according to their needs.

We make customizable Australian timber office furniture which maintains the durability of the product. We maintain the durability of the product while keeping it simple yet attractive. The furniture made is of good quality and it serves various purposes for the users. We take special order for office furniture. The price for the furniture depends on the design. The prices are reasonable.

We make it sure that the finished product is as per the needs of the customer and no compromise is made with its quality.

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